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Rakesh Maiya

Rakesh Maiya

(Photojournalist / actor / documentary film maker)

I have researched, worked on and have discovered three ways of making amazing filter coffee. I like and advice the mixture of 80% coffee and 20% chikori. The chikori gives the required strong flavor and the rest 80 parts takes care of the authentic coffee thing. Be it the the original kaapi or the commercial cappuccino, I’ve tasted almost all. Apart from serious discoveries like these, I have got my Masters in marketing from VTU, have worked as a financial analyst (UNISYS), photo journalist (Vijayavani, kannada daily) and electrical sub-contractor (under a very strict electrical contractor – my loving father)

Maiya Photography

Kabir Manav

(Wild life Conservationist / documentary film maker / theatre artist)

I differ a lot with my friend Maiya. First and foremost, I go with 75% coffee and 25% chikori. This fills the coffee with required strong flavor and proper colour. However, I use chikori free coffee while making the hardcore – black coffee. About the research I’ve done? Oh.. I had been even to UAE – the fastest growing coffee market in the world – know why? To drink coffee! Apart from this, I’ve studied law, worked as a wild life conservationist (with Ullas Karanth), have produced documentaries and corporate films for NGO’s and government institutions.


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